Position Description -Operation Director


·Manage plants’ operations ( from raw material management through to final product ), process improvements and maintenance function, in order to achieve production of consistent quality products suitable for the market 管理工厂运营(原材料到成品)和流程改进等职能,确保产品适应和满足市场需求.
·Operate production within budget and maximize the utilization of manpower, ensuring the efficient and cost effective operations of the plants 在预算范围内最优化运营生产和最大化发挥人力效能,确保运营效率和运营产出.
·Direct workshop operations by identifying and implementing excellent manufacturing practices/ procedures to meet cost, quality and delivery responsiveness objectives 直接负责产线运营管理,研究并采用最优方案实施生产流程,进而满足成本,质量和生产周期目标.
·Drive continuous improvement for manufacturing cost, KPI, quality, lead-time, process capability etc; 主导成本,绩效,质量,流程和生产周期等方面的持续改善和提高.
·Monitor and oversee plant’s facilities, equipments and other assets 监督管理公司的材料设备和其他资产.
·Maintain process to guarantee operating efficiency, implement schedule and routine maintenance 对于生产流程和其他日常管理的维护,进而确保优质运营效率,计划按期实施.
·Secure and maintain minimum stocks, from consumables through to finished goods, in order to avoid any unforeseen disruption to ongoing business activities 确保和维持低水平的原料及产品库存,从而规避不可预见的风险对公司运营带来的影响.
·Liaise with different departments to ensure efficient production and on-time delivery 协调各部门,保证生产效率和产品交付时间.
·Monitor and manage the team, support them in their daily work and be responsible of succession planning,coaching organizational development (structure & process) and people development (in co-ordination with HR ). 监督,管理,并支持运营团队的日常管理工作。在人力资源部门的配合下对各部门进行有计划性的和持续性的培训,并和人力资源部门一道实施人才培养计划.


·Graduate degree in business administration, engineering, or equivalent 经济管理/工商管理或工程学硕士(或等同)学历.
·Extensive experience in manufacturing and in a senior production management position for a similar business/industry (5 year’s min.) 丰富的制造业行业经验,在相关行业内的多年(不低于5年)高级生产运营管理岗位的工作经验 .
·Successful work experience in a foreign company abroad China (USA or Europe). 欧资或美资背景在华企业工作经验.
·Familiarity with World Class Manufacturing and Lean production practices 精通世界先进的生产运营流程和管理方式.
·Ability to find solutions and drive to completion 拥有处理和解决困难问题的能力.
·Flexibility, ability to work under pressure 有毅力,可以在高压环境下工作.
·Team player willing to integrate into the corporate culture 能够融入管理团队,接受协作互助的企业文化 .
·Chinese Mandarin and fluent oral English 中文普通话流利,英文口语流利.