Position Description - Retail Training Manager


·Conducts and Arranges Management Training Program for China supervisory level or above staff
–To conduct Management Training Program (MTP) for supervisors or above and selective staff.
–To identify the potential trainers in different cities and conducts Train-the-Trainer program for these trainers.
–To source external training programs for staff further development.
·Enhances Training System for China Expansion
–To review and modify if necessary the existing training system and training plan for China on both classroom learning and in-store training program.
–To execute training checklists at store and have regular review on staff knowledge to determine their performance level.
·Enhances Service and Initiate Motivation Programs
–To monitor China Mystery Shoppers program for achieving the passing grade of 80%.
–To enhance Service Standard for China stores through field visits and staff coaching.
–To analyze the sales and service performance with Sales Operations Director and identify training needs for China staff.
–To initiate and implement incentive programs for important festive seasons.
·Designs Training Tools for Enhancing Staff Learning
–To review and update the content of regional Operational Training Manual and procedures for regional store operation.
–To propose and design training tools to suit China staff learning needs.
·Prepare Yearly Training Budget for China stores
–To prepare budget for internal and external training programs; Mystery Shoppers program and special incentive program whenever necessary.